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Frequently Asked Questions About our Mosquito Control Service

How is mosquito control applied?

Our mosquito barrier control service is effectively applied using a high-velocity backpack blower. This application technique provides excellent coverage to plant materials, under decks, around structures and throughout landscape materials where mosquitoes live, rest and hide.

The backpack blower disperses our liquid control product into a spray which penetrates the dense and hard to reach areas of your property where mosquitoes lurk, providing immediate knockdown and effective repellent coverage to all desired surfaces.

What areas of my property will be treated?

Our mosquito control service specifically targets the areas across your property where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide. Mosquitoes tend to rest on the underside of leaf surfaces. Dense plant materials such as trees, shrubs, hedges, ground covers and long grasses are carefully treated to ensure effective coverage. Under decks, stairways and in and around landscape plant materials are other popular spots where mosquitoes like to hide.

What control products does mosquito.buzz use?

Both all-natural and synthetic control options are available. Our all-natural product consists of concentrated garlic similar to the garlic you would use to cook with, but much stronger and more potent. Our main barrier control product contains the synthetic form of pyrethrin which is the natural by-product of the chrysanthemum flower.

Is mosquito control applied everywhere on my property or just where the mosquitoes live?

Our barrier control focuses on treating the areas throughout your property where mosquitoes live and where you will spend most of your time. We do not treat sensitive areas such as flowering plants, vegetable gardens, or bodies of water with our barrier control products.

Who does the mosquito control service?

One of our licenced highly trained and knowledgeable mosquito technicians will perform your mosquito control application. Each of our technicians are certified with Mosquito & Biting Fly category license. This is required by law in every province and is regulated by the Ministry of the Environment.

Is mosquito control service effective if my neighbour doesn’t get it too?

Yes! Our mosquito control service is very effective regardless of your neighbour’s property. Our products provide a barrier that keeps mosquitoes away. If mosquitoes do come from neighbouring properties, they are repelled from the treated plant materials for up to 21 days.

How soon after mosquito.buzz performs the service can I expect to see results?

Immediately! Our mosquito control takes immediate effect and you will notice a difference right away. Our product is specially designed to provide immediate knockdown controlling mosquitoes in the treated areas.

How long does the mosquito control last and how often does mosquito.buzz service my property?

Our season long mosquito control applications are evenly spaced apart approximately every 14-21 days. Depending on the control option you choose (all-natural or synthetic) the products have slightly different residual activity based on your climate and weather conditions. Each application is scheduled for maximum effectiveness before the residual has expired so you never go unprotected.

Do I have to be home when the service is performed?

No. We do not require you to be home for us to perform our service. To enhance your customer experience, we always ensure we email you in advance to let you know we're coming, and then again after service is completed. 

How will we know you came to the property?

Each time we visit your property our technician will leave a small 8” mosquito.buzz lawn sign that will indicate the application was completed, along with the date and product used. As a follow up, you will also receive an after service email that will give you any special notes or suggestions the technician has made for you.

How long before people and pets can go back into the treated areas after application?

30 Minutes. We recommend waiting until the treated areas have dried before entering them. This generally takes approximately 30 minutes. Once the product has dried you can use your outdoors.

What happens if it rains right after mosquito.buzz service is performed?

We always try our best to schedule your treatments around inclement weather conditions. As long as the control product has had time to dry (approximately 30 minutes) the rain should not impact the effectiveness of the application.

Are the mosquito control products safe for people, pets, and children?

Both the all-natural garlic and synthetic mosquito barrier products are regulated by Health Canada, and approved for use in the control of mosquitoes by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. These products have extremely low toxicity to mammals.

Are the mosquito control products harmful to my trees, shrubs and plants?

No. Both the all-natural garlic, and synthetic mosquito barrier treatments are not harmful to your plant materials. They are designed to be absorbed by the plant in order to provide residual control for mosquitoes when they feed on the plant juices.

Does mosquito.buzz guarantee mosquito control results?

Yes! A mosquito control service can never ensure 100% protection or elimination of every mosquito. We pride ourselves in customer service and our national satisfaction guarantee will show you that we stand behind our products and service work so much so that if you are not 100% satisfied within the first 14 days of the application, we will come retreat your property at no expense. We will go one step further and refund you the full amount for the application service if you are still not satisfied.