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Full Season Mosquito Control Services


Don’t let biting insects chase you inside this summer; beat the buzz and prevent mosquito bites with! 

For the first time, there is an effective, proven solution to control mosquitoes, so you and your family can enjoy the warm weather and stay outside all season long. Our fully licensed and highly trained mosquito control technicians will treat all the areas on your property where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide, including:

  • Shrubbery and hedges
  • Under decks and stairways
  • Ground cover areas
  • Landscape plant materials
  • Other hot spots

At, we provide professional applications to manage mosquitoes at your home, cottage, commercial property, special event, or wedding. With both natural and synthetic mosquito barrier control options available, we have a mosquito prevention service to suit your preferences. Our expert team of licensed and trained technicians will treat your property every 14-21 days, making sure that you and your family are protected from the risk and irritation that comes with mosquitoes.

Beat the buzz this mosquito season and give us a call!



Enjoy a mosquito FREE 2017!

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Understanding how to prevent and protect ourselves from exposure to mosquitoes is very important. The transmission of diseases like the West Nile virus has become a major public health and safety concern.

Inside you'll learn:

  • The Life Cycle of the Mosquito
  • West Nile Virus
  • How to Protect Yourself
  • from Mosquitoes
  • Preventing Mosquito Populations
  • Effective Control Options against Mosquitoes

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