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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Stay Outside... Stay Healthy this Summer with our season long Mosquito Control service. At mosquito.buzz, we professionally treat your property where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide. We've got you covered for all your needs; your home, summer cottage, cabin, special backyard event, or outdoor wedding.

Our expert team of licensed and trained technicians will visit your property every 21 days to ensure you and your family are protected from mosquitoes and the harmful diseases they carry. 

Mosquito Control Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Tick Control

Tick Control

Stay Outside... Stay Healthy this Summer with our Tick Control service. Lyme Disease is on the rise across Canada and is being spread by the increase in Black Legged Tick populations. With mosquito.buzz, you can eliminate the threat of tick infestations on your property and protect your family from the risks associated with them.

Our Tick Control service specifically targets ticks during the Spring and Fall seasons when they are the most active and when you and your family are at the highest risk of exposure.

Tick Control Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Season Long Mosquito and Tick Control

Don’t let uninvited guests chase you inside this summer. Stay outside all season long with our proven solution for controlling mosquitoes and ticks. Our expert team of licensed and trained technicians will visit your property every 21 days to treat all the areas where mosquitoes and ticks live, rest and hide, including:

  • Trees and shrubbery
  • Hedges and bushes
  • Ground covers
  • Landscape plant materials
  • Under decks and stairways
  • Other hot spots

Mosquito Control For Your Backyard

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Free Guide

Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

If you think you’re a mosquito magnet, you might be on to something. 

In this guide, you'll learn what factors make people attractive to mosquitoes, and how you can avoid mosquito bites all season long.

Stay Outside... Stay Healthy

Are you a mosquito magnet

How It Works

Select Your Service
Choose a season long mosquito or tick control program, or choose both services! We also do weddings and special events.

...Stay OutsideTM
Enjoy the outdoors and have the peace of mind mosquitoes and ticks won’t be chasing you and your family inside.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We are committed to providing exceptional service and amazing results.

  • “I used to get eaten alive if I spent more than 5 minutes outside. We tried the mosquito control service after a friend told us about it and have never been so happy. I have yet to get a mosquito bite since."
    Charlene S. | View More Testimonials
  • "Our daughters outdoor wedding couldn’t have been more enjoyable. We literally didn’t have any unwanted guests! We are so happy there were no mosquitoes all day long."
    Bob S. | View More Testimonials
  • “Our friends told us about this service and we thought it was to good to be true. As skeptical as I was at first, the product really works. No more mosquito bites.”
    Adnan H. | View More Testimonials

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