Tick Management

Thankfully, there several preventative measures you can take to help minimize the risks of ticks around your home.  Here’s how to prep your property:


  • Keep tall grasses mowed
  • Keep vegetation trimmed
  • Use deer fencing to keep deers out (they’re notorious for ticks!)
  • Restrict the use of groundcover, such as pachysandra in areas frequented by family and roaming pets.
  • Get rid of any leaf litter or weeds at the edge of your lawn
  • Remove brush and leaves around stone walls or wood piles
  • Move wood piles away from the house
  • Keep your pets and kids out of the woods to avoid bringing ticks back to your home
  • Move kids swings or sandboxes away from the woodland edge
  • Wash clothes in hot water if you’ve just come back from a tick-ridden area
  • Use a professional tick control service to eliminate the risk of ticks

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