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You're going to love it here

Mosquito.buzz is a new home service concept. We spray properties to kill and repel mosquitoes, and our customers love us! We have locations throughout Canada. You can work in your hometown or live somewhere interesting for the summer. You will have all the training and support to be successful, and all the independence of managing your day to give you the perfect balance.



Career Path

If you're here for a short time, we'll give you the foundation knowledge to do a great job, and the opportunity to develop some critical skills that will transfer into any business environment, wherever your career path may take you.

Customer service, sales, problem solving, independence, logistics and marketing are all the soft skills you will learn while at Mosquito.Buzz that you will carry with you into future careers.

If you're here to develop a career, we have a path already mapped out for you.

Many of our corporate operation managers started on a truck in University, and many or our franchisees were employees before making the investment into buying and building a business of their own.

We have big growth plans, and those plans require good managers to execute. Maybe you are the next one?



"This is by far the best place I have ever worked! I have worked some awesome jobs (including summer camp) and mosquito buzz is the best! I always feel appreciated and taken care of and I know I can look forward to a fun day in the office with great people!" -Amanda Ianno (York)

"Professional environment, easy to work with company. Great summer job" -Harrison Laugalys (Queens)

"Mosquito Buzz is an excellent company to work for. It's fun to sell a product that actually works and will benefit the customer as well as improve their overall summer experience. They're extremely flexible and I have felt like a part of the family since day one." -Leah Steele (Humber)

"Working here is fantastic, you're really valued as an employee and are compensated more than fairly. Overall great experience, would definitely recommend." -Lucas Ianno (Laurentian)

"Mosquito.buzz is a fantastic employment opportunity. Flexible hours combined with a great management team makes for an excellent work experience. I would highly recommend Mosquito.buzz for any hard worker searching for employment." -Jordan Cernanec (U of W)

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Free Guide

Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

If you think you’re a mosquito magnet, you might be on to something. 

In this guide, you'll learn what factors make people attractive to mosquitoes, and how you can avoid mosquito bites and stay outside all season long.


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