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About our Tick Control Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How is tick control applied?

Our tick barrier control service is effectively applied using a backpack sprayer. This application technique allows us to effectively cover all of the areas that ticks are likely to quest for a host, breed or otherwise actively lurk about.

What areas of my property will be treated?

Our tick control service specifically targets the areas across your property where ticks commonly populate, creep across, or remain at rest over the course of their lifetime. Ticks spend most of their time “questing” for a new host in order to obtain a blood meal. To do this, they need to situate themselves in an ideal location low to the ground, whether that is a patch of long grasses, low growing shrubberies, under decks where rodents scurry, or on the fringes of wooded areas populated by animals. Our spraying efforts are concentrated in these high-risk areas, and our residual spray effectively covers them. A perimeter band around the property is also put in place to eliminate ticks travelling to a new questing ground from outside your property. This perimeter band provides significant protection. 

Is tick control service effective if my neighbor doesn’t get it too?

Yes! Our tick control service kills existing tick populations on your property and provides a perimeter barrier that eliminates ticks that try to come on to the property. If a tick does try to travel from a neighboring property, it will not make it over the barrier sprayed around the area.

How soon after mosquito.buzz performs the service can I expect to see results?

Immediately! Our tick control takes immediate affect and you will notice a difference right away. Our product is specially designed to provide immediate knockdown controlling ticks in the treated areas.

How long does the tick control last and how often does mosquito.buzz service my property?

Our season tick control services will remain effective for approximately 2 months. Mosquito.buzz typically treats a property two or three times over the course of the season, once to cover the spring and once more to cover the fall. Both spring and fall applications are optimal as ticks are very active during these periods.  At the mid-point of the summer, ticks are often inhibited by the high heat, so they are largely inactive and control is rarely necessary.

Are the tick control products safe for people, pets, and children?

Lyme disease, which is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick, is a major public health concern across Canada. The Synthetic tick barrier product we use is regulated by Health Canada, and approved for use to control ticks by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. This product has an extremely low toxicity in mammals. 

Are the tick control products harmful to my trees, shrubs and plants?

No. Our tick barrier treatments are not harmful to any of your plant materials. They are designed to be absorbed by the plant in order to provide residual control for ticks when they feed on the plant juices.

Does mosquito.buzz guarantee tick control results?

Yes! Although a tick control service can never ensure 100% protection or elimination of every tick. We pride ourselves in our customer service, and our national satisfaction guarantee will show you that we stand behind our products and service work. If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of the application, we will come retreat your property at no expense. We will even go one step further and refund you the full amount for the application service if you are still not satisfied.

30 second Elevator Pitch:
  1. We offer a full service tick control program
  2. Our licenced tick control technicians come to your home with a van and equipment to treat your property with a tick control spray that kills ticks and leaves a repellant that lasts for months
  3. We come back 2-3 times annually to ensure full barrier control all season long
We use powered backpack sprayers to treat all of your low growing foliage, areas under your deck, behind your shed, and along and around



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