Tick Control Service


Perimeter Protection

Our Perimeter Protection is designed to protect you and your family from harmful ticks and the vector borne diseases they transmit.

Our product is applied securing a full perimeter band around your property, eliminating the risk of ticks from entering. We also treat areas around your property inside the perimeter where ticks like to live so the entire property is protected. Spring, Summer and Fall applications keep you tick free all season long.


Residential Backyards

Enjoy the outdoor confines of your residential property all season long without the risk of harmful ticks. Our tick treatments create the perfect safe zone to keep ticks away and kill the ones that are crawling around. Our applications are carefully timed in Spring and Fall when ticks are most active and you and your family are at the highest exposure.


Cottages, Cabins & Camps

Ticks love cottages, cabins, and camps just as much as you and your family do. Keep ticks away all season so you can enjoy your time away from home. Our tick applications target the places ticks most frequently visit and like to live. Our service is designed to work on all properties big or small, including island gettaways and large acreages

Tick Control Tubes


Here’s How it Works

Thermacell tick control tubes are placed around the perimeter of your property and in areas where mice frequent and hide.  Woodpiles, overgrown plant materials, window wells, ground covers, flowerbeds, bushes, stone walls, and borders abutting forests and unmaintained areas. Tick tubes are easy to usem environmentally friendly, and safe for people, pets, and wildlife.

Each tick tube contains cotton treated with permethrin, which mice collect and use to line their nests.  Ticks feeding on the mice are exposed to the permethrin and are killed.  Mice go from being tick hosts to tick killers. Tick tubes go where sprays can’t reach and kill ticks that may carry Lyme disease.








Tick Tube Benefits

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes have quite a few features that set it apart from other tick control products on the market. Some of these benefits include:

  • Biodegradable tubes won’t harm kids, pets or the environment
  • Each tube can kill hundreds of ticks per year
  • Developed by researches at Harvard University School of Public Health
  • Apply twice a year
  • No cleanup required
  • Targets ticks, not insects that benefit your yard’s ecosystem

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