Mosquito Control Service

Barrier Protection

Our full barrier protection is specially designed to protect you and your family from the nuisance of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are effectively eliminated around your home and throughout your property using our high velocity backpack sprayers that allow for precise applications to trees, shrubs, dense plant materials, under decks, and other areas mosquitoes prefer to live, rest, and hide. Mosquitoes are knocked down and controlled immediately during the application process, and a residual control is provided. Our control product contains the synthetic form of pyrethrin, which is toxic for mosquitoes.


Residential Backyards

Enjoy full barrier protection around your home and throughout your property without any mosquitoes in sight. We carefully target and treat all places where mosquitoes live, rest and hide. Our barrier spray provides immediate knockdown control and effective residual control that keeps mosquitoes away.


Cottages, Cabins & Camps

Summer is far too short to be chased inside by mosquitoes. Enjoy life beside the lake, in the woods, or around your campfire, all with the luxury of being protected from mosquitoes. Our barrier spray is effectively designed for all property types big or small, including islands and large acreages.


Weddings & Special Events

Planning a wedding, hosting a party, or special outdoor event? Don't risk uninvited guests spoiling your big day! Our proven solution for mosquito control ensures a mosquito free environment for you and all your guests. We treat the day before to ensure you are protected ahead of time so your event is a success.


Outdoor Venues & Patios

Don’t let mosquitoes send your guests home early, spoil a great meal, or ruin a good drink. Extend your patio life and maintain an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere without the company of intruders buzzing around. Ensure mosquito free comfort all season long with effective barrier control.

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Mosquito Control in Action

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