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Tips for Prevention

Reducing mosquito populations

1) Reduce the mosquito habitat around your home by regularly cleaning and emptying water holding containers such as gutters, boats, canoes, bird baths, pools, children's toys, eaves troughs, tarp covers and plant trays.

Cover rain barrels with a screen

2) Ensure that rain barrels are covered with a fine screen and tightly sealed around the downspout. Since mosquitoes breed in standing water, this will help prevent more mosquitoes populating around your property.

Reduce standing water around your property

3) Clean your yard of old tires, empty flower pots, buckets and any other debris where water collects.

Mosquitoes hide in vegetation before approaching their target

4) Keep grass mowed and vegetation trimmed around high use areas such as doorways & seating areas.

Another place for mosquitoes to hide!

5) Avoid leaving piles of grass, leaves or dead wood around the yard. These are great places for mosquitoes to breed in as well as hide.

We treat areas of your property where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide.

6) Treat your property with a barrier spray from Mosquito.buzz to reduce up to 90% of the mosquitoes from your property.

*Photos and videos were produced while applicators were using water. Actual treatments require applicators to use PPE as per product labels.

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