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Frequently Asked Questions

How is mosquito control applied?

Our mosquito barrier control service is effectively applied using a high-velocity backpack sprayer. This application technique provides excellent coverage to plant materials, under decks, around structures and throughout barrier landscape materials where mosquitoes live, rest and hide.

The backpack blower disperses our liquid control product into a spray which penetrates the dense and hard to reach areas of your property where mosquitoes lurk, providing immediate knockdown and effective repellent coverage to all desired surfaces.

What areas of my property will be treated?

Our mosquito control service specifically targets the areas across your property where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide. Mosquitoes tend to rest on the underside of leaf surfaces. Dense plant materials such as trees, shrubs, hedges, ground covers and long grasses are carefully treated to ensure effective coverage. Under decks, stairways and in and around landscape plant materials are other popular spots where mosquitoes like to hide.

We treat mosquitoes where they live, rest, and hide.
Mosquito.buzz provides effective mosquito control for homes, cottages, and venues

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