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Mosquito Control Options

Barrier Protection
Barrier Protection

Our full barrier protection is specially designed to protect you and your family from the nuisance of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are effectively eliminated around your home and throughout your property using our high velocity backpack sprayers that allow for precise applications to trees, shrubs, dense plant materials, under decks, and other areas mosquitoes prefer to live, rest, and hide.

Mosquitoes are knocked down and controlled immediately during the application process, and a residual control is provided. Our control product contains the synthetic form of pyrethrin, which is toxic for mosquitoes.

All-Natural Protection
All-Natural Protection

Our all-natural protection is a great alternative choice from long-lasting synthetics for sensitive treatment areas and for those who prefer the natural approach.

Mosquitoes are immediately repelled, providing peace of mind for you and your family. Our applications are designed to specially target mosquitoes in areas around the barrier of your home and throughout your property using our high velocity backpack sprayer.

Mosquitoes are highly sensitive to our control product that consists of concentrated garlic oil, similar to the garlic you would use to cook with. Don't worry - the odour will quickly disipate from our senses, but not the mosquitoes. 

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If you think you’re a mosquito magnet, you might be on to something. 

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