Effective Mosquito Control & Tick Control for Parry Sound, Muskoka, Haliburton Highlands, Kawartha Lakes, Georgian Bay and surrounding areas.

Mosquitoes and ticks are notorious in cottage country. Instead of being forced inside by uninvited guests , let our team of experts take care of it!

With regular visits from the team, you can stay outside all season long and enjoy the outdoors even more.


Muskoka Mosquito Control and Tick Control Programs

Our licensed mosquito and tick control technicians use a backpack sprayer designed for precise applications across your property, specifically focusing on areas where mosquitoes and ticks live, rest, and hide.

Our fully trained team can eliminate mosquito and tick populations around your property, helping to protect your family from mosquitoes and ticks, that can carry diseases like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease.

Mosquito Control For Your Backyard

How our Service Works



Our applications specifically target where mosquitoes and ticks live, rest, and hide.  Immediate knockdown relief is provided, killing them directly on contact.  Highly effective residual lasts 21 days keeping you fully protected until our next visit!



Enjoy the outdoors and have the peace of mind that harmful mosquitoes and ticks won’t be chasing you and your family inside.



…Stay Outside all season long!  100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, or we will re-apply or refund your money.

“I used to get eaten alive if I spent more than 5 minutes outside. We tried the mosquito control service after a friend told us about it and have never been so happy. I have yet to get a mosquito bite since."
Charlene S.
"Our daughters outdoor wedding couldn’t have been more enjoyable. We literally didn’t have any unwanted guests! We are so happy there were no mosquitoes all day long."
Bob S.
“Our friends told us about this service and we thought it was to good to be true. As skeptical as I was at first, the product really works. No more mosquito bites.”
Adnan H.

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