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Tick Control Options

Perimeter Protection
Perimeter Protection

Our Perimeter Protection is designed to protect you and your family from harmful ticks and the vector borne diseases they transmit.

Our product is applied securing a full perimeter band around your property, eliminating the risk of ticks from entering. We also treat areas around your property inside the perimeter where ticks like to live so the entire property is protected. Spring, Summer and Fall applications keep you tick free all season long.

All-Natural Protection
All-Natural Protection

Our All-Natural protection provides an alternative option from long-lasting synthetics for sensitive treatment areas and for people who prefer the natural approach.

Ticks are immediately repelled while providing peace of mind for you and your family. Our applications are designed to specially target ticks in areas around your home and throughout the perimeter. Ticks are highly sensitive to the concentrated garlic oil control product we apply that is very similar to the garlic you would use to cook with. 

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How To Tackle Tick Control

Ticks are a growing concern in Canada, especially with the ever-increasing risk of Lyme disease. In this guide, find out how you can tackle ticks, from tick bite prevention to tick-proofing your property.


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